Vang Camping

Aurland, Vestland

Nicely situated in the Nærøyfjord heritage area, 1 km from the ferry. Good starting point for round trips (“Norway in a Nutshell”). Flåmsb…

Lo-Vik Camping

Stryn, Vestland

Lo-Vik Camping is beautifully situated by Nordfjorden, 200 metres from Loen centre on the Fv60. Located at the heart of Fjord Norway, Lo-V…

Stryn Camping

Stryn, Vestland

Stryn Camping is well located right in the center. With powerful mountains, mountains, fjords, rivers, waterfalls and deep waters. Stryn …

Nordfjord Ferie og Fritidssenter "Fjordsight" as

Vågsøy, Vestland

Nordfjor ferie og fritidssenter is beautifully situated in Ytre Nordfjord with great views towards Hornelen. We have parking for campervan…

Jostedal Camping

Luster, Vestland

Welcome to Jostedal Camping, ideal location for an ACTIVE HOLIDAY! GreenKey approved

Botnen Camping

Gulen, Vestland

Superbly situated on the southern side of Sognefjord, between Oppedal and Rutledal. From Bergen it is approx. a 90-minute drive northward…

Kjørnes Camping

Sogndal, Vestland

Beautifully situated by the shore of the Sognefjord. 3 km from the centre of Sogndal. GreenKey approved

Røldal Hyttegrend og Camping

Odda, Vestland

Røldal Hyttegrend & Camping. Placed 200 m past the church, in quiet area.

Tveit Camping

Vik, Vestland

Three star Campsite between RV13 and the Sognefjord 3,5 km. south of Vangsnes ferry station.

Trolltunga Odda Camping

Odda, Vestland

Skjeggedal and the hike to the spectacular Troll’s Tongue lookout point are 14 km away. Folgefonna National Park and the Buarbreen glacier…