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We would like to welcome you to a camping holiday in Norway. Just two percent of the land in Norway is inhabited, and its extensive fjords, mountains, valleys and mountain plateaus await you. Access to untouched nature is the key to incredible holiday experiences in Norway. The right to roam in Norway entitles everyone to explore, experience and enjoy the great outdoors on non-agricultural land, provided they show respect for the landowner, other people, and for flora and fauna. To ensure that everyone gets the most out of a camping holiday in Norway – now and in the future – we would like to offer some advice for your holiday. Together, we can protect Norway’s unique nature for generations to come.


  1. Use dedicated campsites and motorhome pitches whenever possible.

It’s always the best choice. Staying on campsites and shopping locally promotes sustainable travel and helps support local communities.

  1. Show consideration while wild camping.

You can park and stay overnight at stopping places on the side of road or on non-agricultural land. Remember to camp at least 150 metres away from any buildings. Avoid camping on private property or farmland, and do not drive off-road. For the sake of road safety, do not park in passing places on narrow roads. Show consideration for your surroundings. The duty to travel without leaving a trace, damaging the terrain or disturbing wildlife always applies.

  1. Take your rubbish with you.

Do not leave any waste behind on your travels. Dispose of rubbish in rubbish bins. Empty toilets and wastewater at emptying stations.

  1. Respect signage.

You must respect any signs that prohibit parking, camping or staying overnight in motorhomes or caravans.

  1. Keep at least four metres’ distance from other vehicles etc.

For fire safety reasons, park at least four metres away from other vehicles etc.

If everyone behaves considerately, we can all explore, experience and enjoy Norway’s great outdoors for generations to come.

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